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Precious Gems

Graphical Artworks - Shivanie

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My name is Shivanie Latchana. Im from Toronto, Canada. Im 19 years old. Im going to college right now, and i major in financing.
It is kind of boring sometimes but it is something that i want to do and sometimes i enjoy doing so im doing it. But i love to do graph desgining, and im thinking once i complete my bachelors in financing i'll go take some graphics courses and get something for that as well because for me it was be amazing. This is something i enjoy doing when i get time and it's really relaxing for me to do. So i hope you all enjoy my journal.

Okay here is the deal. This is something new for me. I get alot of people on my site. And now im leaning more towards talking about my personal life. Ranting about this or that. So i want to make my journal private. IF YOU WANT TO ADD ME THEN PLEASE FIRST LEAVE ME A COMMENT ON MY FRIENDS ONLY POST. I'll get back to you and say weather or not i'll add you. In that post it tells you what i want to know about you before i add you. Also It tells you about me again if you didnt really go through this because i know it's quite alot to read lol. My graphics post are going to be public for 20 days, thats what i think is okay for now. So if you want anything from my earlier posts you need to add me or take it before i close the post. And 20 days is enough time for you to take something before i close the post. Thanks and hope you had a nice time reading about me check out my journal!

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Well I have alot of these right now lol. For the summer almost all the shows that i love to watch are off. So sad! But there is TRUEBLOOD. It's my fave show right now. And im also reading the books for it. It's awesome i cant put the books down and i cant miss a episode for the seires. Alot of people say the books are better but i think their both great. I love how the series they put more stories into it and added stuf to bring the books alive. They are both really amazing and i love them. But my fave pair in this show is SOOKIE AND ERIC. I love them soo much and i love that right now she is getting a glimse into his real and senstive side. Yes, he is like a Viking but honestly he is so much more and i LOVE him. Bill is okay but not as amazing as ERIC. It's so weird that everything show that i like i change the character that i love from the first show to second one. Because i love gossip girl and at first, the first season i used to love nate but now im all for CHUCK AND BLAIR. At the end of season two blair tells him he loves her so i cant wait to see what happens this fall. I also watch smallville, supernatural, sancantuary, dexter. I love those as well and watch them all the time but Gossip Girl, Trueblood are my ulimate fave tv shows.

As for right now with movies. Lord i cant wait for NEW MOON to come out. I've been looking forward to that for awhile, especailly to see how they would make that into a movie. It should be really really good. I love the books and i've finished reading them all. I sooo want to know what would happen to Nessie and Jake...that would be something nice to know. I hope she thinks about writing about that :D. Other than that TRANSFORMERS is another big thing for me that opened this summer. But i have alot of other movies i love, i like any kind of movie once it has a nice story. I watch comdies, actions, romance. Anything, but i mostly watch alot of action movies i love them. DEATH RACE, WANTED, DARK KNIGHT etc are all amazing movies