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Friends Only!

Welcome to my journal everyone. I've decided to make it a private journal because sometimes i want to rant about things. And being public everyone will see. So therefore, i've made it a private journal.

Firstly everyone is welcomed, but please comment in this post and then i'll add you. I need for you to tell me a little bit about yourself. Things like where you're from, age, the things you like. The only exception to this rule is if one of my graphics post you've talked to me in and we had a good chat then it would be amazing if you added me but this is the only exception.

Secondly all of my posts except my request post will be under lock once 7 days are up. This includes all of my graphics as well as layout post. So if you want something take it right away or add me and once i accept then you'll have full access to my livejournal and you would have to be worried about post closures.

Thirdly in this journal im not bashing anyone. I love everyone. I mean all the actors. I love the twilight series and all the actors in the movies and i love trueblood and all the characters there. So please dont be bashing anyone in my journal when you post comments. I'll be posting things about everyone and making graphics about everyone. So if you add me and dont like something and you me post it then just stay away from that post thank you.

Forthly, i've had a couple people just come up point blank and say to me they dont like my graphics. It's not that i cant take criticism but when you give me something like it looks ulgy and dont tell me why then i will delete you and your comment. But if someone doesnt like something that i've done and critiques it and tell me what i can do better then that is more than welcomed. I love to know how i can improve all the time.

About Me:

I know alot of people dont like going over to profiles and reading. I've got things in my profile but i'll tell you them here too and maybe more things here. Im 19 years old, i go to college and i live in Canada, Toronto. I go to centennial college. Im would love to find someone on here from there but im not sure thats going to happen. But anyone from Toronto, Canada would be nice because i dont think i know anyone from this part of Canada thats on here. Anyways, my major is financing and once im done im thinking of taking a few graphically designing course and get qualified. Because thats the best thing for me to do. I do like financing but it does get boring sometimes. But with graphically designing i never get bored and it's something that i actually like to do so it would be nice.

Well right now my huge fandom is TRUEBLOOD. That is my fave show, and i dont miss it every sunday night. No matter what i've watched it. Alot of people say the show is any good compared to the books. But i think it's really awesome show. I love it, i like the fact that it's not excatly the books. They have kept the stories but have added stuff in to bring it life. And thats the best part about the show.
Other fandoms, which are going to be coming back this fall are GOSSIP GIRL. That is another of my fave show. I can miss and episode of that. I havent read any of the books for that so i cant tell you about that but the show is amazing and i cant wait to see what happens to blair and chuck in season three. He just told her he loved her and it was the best moment of the season by far. Other than that there are SMALLVILLE. I just started to watch this one didnt like the beginning too much so i just started to watch it. Also i watch SUPERNATURAL. Can you say my heart fell. Lol dean and sam are the best and i cant wait to see what happens to the hell that has been unleashed on earth.
DEXTER AND SANCATUARY are the other faves but im not too sure when they are coming back. I heard season two of sancatuary is starting this month but who knows it might be put off. And i heard season three of dexter is starting in the fall so i can wait for that to appear. Such a good show especailly since he has married life to cope with now.

Okay i think this is alot about me. Now i'd like to know about you. If any of my friends right now see this post and would like to comment and talk to me go right ahead. But remember everyone before you add me leave me a comment here or else i may not add you back.

Link to add me:

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